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Our Expertise

Valuation Services

Merger & Acquisition Valuation Services, Inc. provides our clients with formal valuations and opinion letters. Whether a valuation is needed for tax planning, succession planning or in connection with an acquisition or divestiture, our advisors can assist in determining the value of your organization. Aside from looking at a client’s balance sheet, the firm maintains information on closed and pending transactions, as well as the asking price of available properties. Valuations vary greatly depending on market demand and conditions as well as the availability of properties.

Obtaining a professional and unbiased valuation not only provides a fair market assessment of your company’s value but can be critically important when considering any number of corporate development alternatives. Divestitures, mergers, recapitalizations and strategic partnerships all take into consideration the value of your franchise. M&A Services not only takes into account the quantitative and qualitative factors but also the intangible values unique to your business. 

Merger & Acquisition Valuation Services, Inc. has prepared the following valuations and opinion letters for clients:

  • Insurance shell companies
  • Insurance operating companies
  • Insurance companies in rehabilitation/liquidation
  • MGAs/MGUs, Retail & Wholesale Agencies, Captives & Risk Retention Groups
  • FASB 142 — Intangible assets for GAAP accounting purpose

Aside from the above stand-alone valuations, our strategic advisory service includes providing comprehensive valuation analysis relating to various corporate development issues. 

To learn more about our Insurance Investment Banking Services, contact our advisors today. 
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