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Our Expertise

Renewal Rights

Merger & Acquisition Services, Inc. has been active in assisting P&C and Life insurance companies in divesting of books/blocks of business that are no longer core to their business model. Transactions typically take the form of a renewal rights transfer or a sale.

Merger & Acquisition Services, Inc. can assist in the following:

  • Valuing the book of business (both active and in runoff)
  • Identifying a list of potential suitors
  • Engaging in discussions with interested parties
  • Assisting in negotiating the terms of sale
  • Providing guidance during the due diligence and closing process

For those looking to acquire books/blocks of business Merger & Acquisition Services, Inc. can assist in identifying potential targets using our proprietary database and extensive industry contacts.

To learn more about our Renewal Rights Services, contact our advisors today.
All inquiries are kept strictly confidential.


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