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Our Expertise


Merger & Acquisition Services, Inc. can provide a full range of services in establishing a fronting arrangement, whether you are in the startup phase or looking to front an established book of business.

Our advisors have worked on fronting agreements for groups who:

  • Are looking to place a specialty book business
  • Need AM Best rated paper
  • Have business outside their licensing footprint
  • Are introducing a new product to the marketplace

Our services, based upon client specific needs, can include creating a business plan, financial modeling, approaching fronting candidates and negotiating terms.  Moreover, based upon a client’s long-term strategy, Merger & Acquisition Services, Inc. can advise on all available alternatives; these include establishing a fronting arrangement, partnering with an existing carrier on a program basis, creating an MGA or becoming an insurance carrier.

To learn more about our Fronting Services, contact our advisors today.

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